The squirrel is worth the money!

Anton Cehov said that ‘if you get a coffee, don’t look for beer in it’, but if you get a stuffed animal, it may can come together with one of the most precious bottles of beer from the whole world.

And that’s because a taxidermist had the original idea of combining stuffed animals and a special beer.

So, he puts his idea to work and made a distinguished bottle of beer named Brew Dog’s The End of History. The beer comes in a limited edition of 11 bottles, 4 of which are packed in a squirrel and the other 7 are associated with a weasel. The drink is Belgian and it has 55% alcohol.

Besides the unforgettable image, there is also a remarkable price of £500 for a weasel packed beer and £700 for a squirrel packed beer.

But the innovation of the product made sure that the bottles were sold faster than one could say: ‘the best beer!’






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