The Merchant of Venice: the fragrant story of beauty

A man’s soul is his scent… He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men. This is the thought of Patrick Suskind from his famous book, Perfume, and also the philosophy which The Merchant of Venice outlines by using art and history as tools. Each and every location they have, whether it’s the flagship store opened where the old drugstore in San Fantin used to be, the spezieria all’Ercole d’Oro opened in 2013 in Santa Fosca or the perfume museum, hosted by Palazzo Mocenigo, is a laboratory of emotions, in which the past and the future come together in fragrant notes, making you remember and wonder how your soul smells.



Besides being a perfume and cosmetics line, tightly connected to the history of Venice, The Merchant of Venice captures the priceless essence of the city’s architecture and elegance. Inspired by Serenissima’s refinement and by the long lasting commercial relations with the east, the perfumes, the body care products and the fragrant home accessories carry the key to a different dimension, a dimension of beauty, opulence and exoticism, which doesn’t necessary refer to the farthest lands of the world, but rather to the farthest and deepest corners of our soul.


TMV2Probably the most famous The Merchant of Venice collection, The Murano Collection consists of six perfumes which come in bottles exquisitely decorated with motifs from the Murano tradition.  With a satin touch and other details which add to their value, each bottle contains a liquefied form of beauty and olfactory refinement.

Starting with Flower Fusion, a rich flower bouquet which whispers words about mystery and femininity, Byzantium Saffron, an ode to the classic elegance with its amber touch, Mandarin Carnival reminding us of the unforgettable charm of Sicily to entrance us with its colors, to the sensual Noble Potion, the playful and delicate Suave Petals or the fascinating Asian Inspirations stressing the beauty of life by reinterpreting the classic vetiver, the seven perfumes kindle the contemporary spirit, hungry for the mysteries of the past.

The Merchant of Venice is, in fact, reinventing the way you see the world., which no longer needs to be seen, but rather felt, inhaled, exhaled. And if the human soul knows no shape, it definitely has its own perfume.

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