The Hermes signature is pricey

For the gentlemen willing to spend an remarkably high amount in a relatively short time, we have the ideal suggestion: a $91 500 t-shirt with the Hermes signature, available this season in one of the brand’s boutiques on Madison Avenue.

Of course, the well-known brand guarantees the elegance, the mastery and the longevity specific for Hermes clothing, but the price is also explained by a surprising detail: the t-shirt is made of crocodile leather, an unusual material for such clothing.

hermestee original

This is not the first time the famous fashion house surprises with the fancy prices. Last year, a bag made from solid gold and diamonds, which imitates crocodile leather, was estimated at $1 980 034 and, in 2011, a limited edition Birkin bag, also made from crocodile leather, with white gold and diamonds, was sold into an auction to an anonymous buyer for the record price of $203 150. Three other Birkin bags were sold at the same auction for the prices of $113 526, $95 000 and a little bit over $80 000.

Any buyers?


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