Basic sales – Before you start running, learn to walk!

Everyone lives by selling something.Robert Louis Stevenson


          We all sell something, ourselves (in order to make friends, find our better halves), products, services, trust and the list goes on. Getting more and more experienced we get more and more successful. We develop our skills and techniques through practice. But where do you begin? What is the basic level of skills required in order to build a solid future in sales?

“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” Zig Ziglar 


            Starting in sales happens for a lot of reasons. We are drawn to it, we feel it is the career we will like, we have a calling or we like the earnings and the list goes on. But what we all know, after we decide this is the road we are choosing, is that we need some initial tools. When you decide to go and cut a tree you need to find the tree, prepare your axe and so on. In sales the starting point is represented in identifying the basic steps required for beginning. I decided to share those steps with you and underline their importance. This is where overcoming the obstacles begins.

  1. Know what you sell (Products/services) – you are the expert, the professional. You need to know everything about what you are selling. You must avoid the situation when your client knows more than you.
  2.  Prospecting – Look for the clients you can help. Don’t waste your and their time when there is no need for what you sell. Make your homework before contacting your prospects.
  3. First meeting – Sell yourself first; show him you are concerned, that you care. Gain his trust and the customer will listen to you with interest.
  4.  Identify the needs –Ask the right questions and find out what the client needs. Don’t tell him what he wants, let him talk.
  5. Offer the solution – Talk about characteristics, benefits and advantages. Sell using benefits, differentiate yourself through advantages make sure your offer is the best for y our client.
  6. Closing – Pay attention to sale signals and ask for the order. Use the best time to ask and remember you don’t sell if they don’t order it.
  7. Follow- up – After you close the sell don’t forget about that client. In the future he will need your products or services again. Become his partner, not just a onetime solutions provider.


   Seeing how my experiences made me believe that starting right is one of the most important things, especially in sales, and remembering my first contact with a sales course more than 10 years ago, I decided I should give something back. Share what I learned and help others to start right and strong on this path. So I put together alongside my partners from Alchemy Trainings & Coaching a basic sales course. Giving you the tools for a perfect start.

So if you are interested in a career in sales, if you are a young entrepreneur starting your business and want to sell better your ideas or if you need a refresh on your selling skills please check out our Alchemy Sales seminar. It will be on February 14-15, in Bucharest. Please find more detail here .

When i started i thought i was already the best salesman, until my first seminar. After that i had also the tools to be the best. Let’s work together and let me help you be the best you can and start strong.

*Mihai Chiratcu is an opportunity creator, trainer and free man. After 10 years experience in sales and business development, he is using the knowledge gathered trying to bring a new approach in training and business consultancy. He brings you every Thursday special information and gives advices through the section “Business Opinions”. For more information, you can find Mihai at

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