About Art and Business in 2013

‘ We’re living with the handbrake pulled off’, says Dan Calita, general manager of ASD Invest and Consulting, a firm specialized in management and business consulting, security systems and which, at the same time, imports media up to 16 Terra. Contrary to the optimism of some of us, Dan Calita affirms that the 2013 year isn’t going to get any better: the crisis is sharp and the budgets are deficient both in private and state business.


Survival means fairness

‘If in 2010 we’ve had a turnover of 1.100.000 RON, in 2011 it has grown and in 2012 we’ve faced a 90% fall of this figure’. Normally, such a fall is the synonym of bankruptcy, but during the 14 years since he entered the business world, the ASD Invest manager has learnt how to survive.

What assures the longevity of a business and, beyond the macroscopic vision, what assures the longevity of a business-man in this environment? What is the survival secret that we have been talking about? Dan Calita doesn’t hide the fact that, without fairness, you can’t do anything. Fairness to yourself, to the clients, employees and to the people from your life and business: ‘However, fairness has nothing to do with sincerity. You can be fair, you can respect your promises and duties, even if sometimes you omit to say how you got to respect them.’


Business and art

Unlike the Romanians, foreigners are more open-minded when it comes to investments. They know that money kept in bank are devaluing, they literally get lost when an economic crash takes place and the best alternative is art. Investing in objects whose value increases with time, from paintings to jewelries.

This is the reason why Dan Calita created the ASD Arts project, which includes the Kunstbarkeiten gallery from Graz, a meeting place for works estimated to a few tens of thousands of euro on the international market, of some carefully selected artists and of some people who can be named real art collectors.

‘Sometimes we see the same painting in the window for a few days, weeks or even months. It’s normal not to buy a painting like you buy eggs. The art lover enters, sits and watches: he will definitely buy. Not today, not tomorrow, but he will buy.’

Among the latest successes, he also won the gold medal for the project which granted the participation of the young Romanian designers at Graz Design Month. Asked about how much the state’s supports matters, he answers shortly: ‘The Romanian state is giving me nothing, they doesn’t even agree to meet me.’ This is an example that confirms a famous maximum: you get along better with the foreigners than with your own people.


ramon grossBest car in the world?

It’s the one you can afford, considers Dan Calita. It’s true that every human is a luxury lover, but luxury has its stages and in Romania we’re faced with a snobbery wall, which prevails the image and then the competences. ‘In Romania you see limousines at every corner. The middle-manager prefers the limousine, although many can’t afford it. There are top-managers who go to work or meetings with a Logan, even though they own cars more expensive than our houses.’

The ideal Romania for the ASD Invest & Consulting manager is a place where we understand the role of education and the necessity of investing in it. He travels a lot, but he always comes back wishing to make some changes, keep going for the ones that need help and meeting the business challenges.



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