Why is money so damn important?

I come from a family of artistic carpenters. It’s not breaking news that life is difficult when you’re working this kind of job, but my parents’ humor, spontaneity and intelligence helped me create a system of values that have nothing to do with material things. As the years went by, my bubble, full of unicorns and colorful flowers, was popped by a weather phenomenon that comes with a specific season of life. Love.  And, for the first time, I felt like it was something forbidden for the people with below-average possibilities. At least when the players are part of parallel universes.


It’s no use being educated, well-read, knowledgeable about watches, perfumes, exquisite experiences that the other went through if you cannot touch them yourself. Where is the intersection point of that love? What is the territory on which it can build itself? Sooner or later, it will start tearing down that innocence that allowed you to believe that anything is possible. Long story short, when I was 20 years old, my heart sank when I was told that it would never work, that money are oh, so important and that I was nothing but a smart, beautiful, everything and then some, but unfortunately poor artist. ‘You must be kidding, right? You have no idea who Brâncuși is and you’re telling me that your family doesn’t approve of me?!’


In the end, this turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Because I wanted and I needed so much to prove that it wasn’t true, that I can raise myself up to stand on the same ground as the other that, when I actually made it, I realized he was way below. But I learned some things I hope I never forget:

·       One should never offend or laugh at someone younger. They have more time and more energy than you do and they will eventually outrun you.

·       Knowledge is the one that makes the difference between aristocracy and peasantry, between people who are and those who have.

·       Money is damn important. Because you realize that it means nothing only after you have it. Meanwhile, you blame it for everything.



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  1. Buna, Eglantina! Te-am descoperit pe facebook si asa am ajuns sa citesc articolele de pe blog. Citesc cu drag tot ce scrii si imi place mult modul in care scrii si povestea pe care o are fiecare articol. Keep up the good work!

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