The Art of Fashion and the Fashion of Art

‘Fashion and Art go together as Dior and Paris’ defines the collaboration between the famous French brand Dior with a series of internationally acclaimed artists, who reinterpreted, in their own unique style, the Lady Dior bag. The #DiorLadyArt project started in 2016, when Dior’s London boutique opened, starring Marc Quinn’s design, later to be joined by Daniel Gordon, Jason Martin, Ian Davenport, Matt Collishaw.





 A collaboration with tremendous success both in sales and brand equity. I do not know whether or not this was a source of inspiration, but it has definitely brought forth new perspectives for other brands, who are now working with various artists. This includes Louis Vuitton, who collaborated with Jeff Koons to launch a collection of bags and accessories inspired by famous paintings by Da Vinci, Titian, Rubens, Fragonard or Van Gogh. The collection is called Masters and it has been created especially for those who love art, turning a bag into a painting which you can carry with you everywhere you go.



The bags are inspired by Jeff Koons’ ‘Gazing Ball’ series, in which metallic gazing balls were placed in front of iconic paintings, creating a new perspective on the artworks for the viewer. I have to admit I am not a fan of all the pieces in this collection, the mixture of colors, images and metallic insertions transforming the experience and carrying it to the extremes. You either like it, or you don’t. There is no middle ground.

louis-vuitton-montaigne-mm-masters-lv-x-koons--M43490_PM2_Front view

louis-vuitton-néonoé-masters-lv-x-koons--M53460_PM2_Front view

louis-vuitton-neverfull-mm-masters-lv-x-koons--M43358_PM2_Front view

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