Perception of Beauty in the Millennial Era

Some say human beings are programmed to crave evolution throughout their life. We always want something more, and when we get it, we seek something even bigger. That also applies to our bodies and to the image we portray in the society.

IMG_1632If in the Renaissance era curvy women were perceived as the goddess of beauty, ever since the Victorian Era, women had to be skinny: in the Roaring Twenties, women were hiding their imperfections in corsets, in The Golden Age they spend more time working out than putting makeup on, in The 80s and 90s they were working out at home or hiding their curves in oversized clothes.

“What about in the Millennium era?”- we asked ourselves. It seems that in 2016, a good looking appearance is no longer something you crave or aspire to, but something you must have if you want to make a name for yourself. Because we’re living the era where everything is moving beyond the speed of light, people don’t bother to get to know you- they have a first glance and it better be a good one.

For the same reason, time, which has become the most difficult resource one can find, people no longer have time to workout, to eat healthy and to sleep accordingly. This rose up our dilemma of the week: “If it is mandatory to have an impeccable look, how do you get it and still have time to show it off?”.

This is when we went to our old friend, Irina Mocanu, the owner of Luxuria, a wellness center in the heart of the city. In a cozy, intimate old villa with luxurious touches, she invited us to talk about cryolipolysis, one of the newest fat reduction techniques.



Many of us have stubborn fat bulges that will not go away even if you diet and workout. What cryolipolysis does is vacuuming a selected area containing the unwanted fat (e.g. waist, legs, abs) and freezing the fat cells through a laser technology to a temperature that goes up to -7 degrees celsius. After the procedure, throughout the following 15 days, destroyed fat cells are pulled out of your body naturally.

This technology was the first to be tested by us. Going on the internet before the appointment, we started fearing that we would have our skin tissue frozen, our area bruised and our fat still there. But our time at Luxuria was not only an appointment to a salon, but an entire experience. From the welcoming spirit of specialists to their level of knowledge, we were feeling feel in control of everything that is about to happen to our bodies. With their know-how and friendly approach, they made us feel relaxed and, we must say, everything was as promised. No frozen tissues, no bruises, and with expected results in progress.

We will continue our journey at Luxuria and follow up on the experience they offer, to their friends, not customers.

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