Fiberglass for details that matter

I don’t know if you can make the right opinion about someone just by looking at his clothes or by analyzing his friends, but you certainly can figure out some important elements which define that person by looking at his teeth. The modernity, the citadine hysteria or the race for assets make us forget about our health. In these conditions, even the most powerful bones in our body, our teeth, have to suffer. Tolerable in everyday life, but inadmissible in the business environment where every detail speaks for us.

The dentist Geanina Miu considers that “one of the most severe problems of the patients is the loss of their teeth as a consequence of parodontosis. Fortunately, technology and permanent innovations in healthcare allow us nowadays to talk about getting rid of these concerns by fixing the mobile teeth.”


What each should know is that dental mobility appears mostly as a cause of the gingival recession and bone resorption. These symptoms are part of a multitude of clinical signs which accompany parodontosis.

It’s curious that in most of the cases the inferior frontal teeth are affected. “A method of treatment well tolerated by patients is the immobilization of the teeth with a fiberglass tape. Besides the comfort these assure, the patient can also be satisfied with the esthetic aspect because the fiberglass is invisible to the naked eye.”, says Geanina Miu, dentist at Jollydent and founder of the Tooth Fairy Association.

This fiberglass tape is flexible, which allows applying it easily at the cabinet and the materials that are used, as well as the technique are minimum invasive. The results are excellent and enduring if the patient has a stringent hygiene.

 Translated by Cristina Maria Tanase

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