Coup de Poudre

I began to understand that beauty is, in fact, a journey thanks to Ana, my make-up artist friend. Somehow, I believe we all have our own Ana, who can be a mothers, a sister, a mentor – one that does not speak about brands, but about rituals. The ritual of observing, caring for and loving yourself. ‘Aimez-la!’ said Romain Ales, chairman at Parfums Caron in the end of his speech for the launching of the semi-loose powder during an event organised by Beautik Haute Parfumerie. Aimez-toi! I was telling to myself thinking about Ana, who ends every make up session by applying the same powder. I can connect all these experiences with one word: looseness. The experience of not covering, but rather discovering traits and styles. A skin which breathes a rose’s kiss, carrying it’s scent all day long and giving off the idea of ‘Poudre plaisir’.

I believe I am a thrifty person when it comes to shopping. I know how to appreciate beautiful things and I like to surround myself with them, but I prefer to invest in experiences. Time has thought me, though, that perfumes and beauty products fall under the experiences category and are worth every penny. They are that magic spark that brightens the world. The love confession that you make to yourself, to life. It’s the same with the Caron powder, a testimonial of tradition which conquered the trends, proving that great creations are visions and not products.

The art deco packing reminds us of the grandeur and brilliance of a time that Baz Luhrmann captured like no other in The Great Gatsby. From the content to the aspect, the Caron semi-loose powder is a jewellery which, once taken out of the purse, becomes a poem to the senses. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.


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